The Pantheon of Heroes are Gods who have reigned supreme over their domain, whilst earning the trust and favour of the primary races through their moral standings and righteous champions. The Pantheon of Heroes are as follows:

Avandra, God of Change
Bahamut, God of Justice
Corellon, God of Arcane Magic
Erathis, God of Civilisation
Ioun, God of Knowledge
Kord, God of Battle
Melora, God of Nature
Moradin, God of Creation
Pelor, God of the Sun
The Raven God, God of Death
Sehanine, God of the Moon

The Pantheon of Villians are Gods who have been shunned from the sights of civilised society, their teachings and sacred rites being too gruesome or dark to be accepted. The Pantheon of Villians are as follows:

Asmodeus, God of Tyranny and Ruler of Baator

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